My school-education

– 2003: Degree of the Specialization-Course for High-School graduates: ‘ComputerSoftware-aided Garden-Design’, a 476-hour course, attended at the Minoprio – Foundation, Raimondi Avenue, 54 – Vertemate con Minoprio (Como; Italy).

– 2001: Qualification for the Profession of Doctor of Agronomy.
Since March 2002 I’m registered in the ‘A’ section of the register, kept by the Order of the Doctors of Agronomy & Doctors of Forestry of the province of Milan (Italy).

– I’m not qualified as a ‘Plant-Health Consultant’, a title derived in Italy, at regional level, from the application in our legal-system of the 2009/128/CE directive (->DM 22/01/2014) about a sustainable use of the agrochemicals. Details about such qualification. Such regional qualification is required for all the AgScience graduates, in order to let them prescribe agrochemicals (no matter if they already studied Plant-health care, during their university studies).

– University: Agricultural Sciences Degree (old – system of qualifications) at the Statal University of Milan, via Celoria, 2 – Milan.
I had an on-field gradution-thesis, the title of whom was: Application of DIF and Cool-morning in the temperature-induced dwarfing of Begonia elatior Rieger, in greenhouse environment.

– High School: Scientific Secondary School Degree, achieved at the Edmondo De Amicis Institute, Via Alfonso Lamarmora, 34, Milan.